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Thu, 3 Sep 1992 02:26:56 GMT

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Newsgroups: comp.compilers
From: (Eliot Moss)
Organization: Dept of Comp and Info Sci, Univ of Mass (Amherst)
Date: Thu, 3 Sep 1992 02:26:56 GMT
Keywords: OOP, bibliography
References: 92-09-012

Take a look at the various papers on the Self language, by David Ungar,
Craig Chambers, and others. Look through the past number of years of
OOPSLA, SIGPLAN, etc. to find them; here are some fo the citations:

    crossref = "sigplan89",
AUTHOR = "Craig Chambers and David Ungar",
TITLE = "Customization: Optimizing Compiler Technology for {SELF},
                                a Dynamically-Typed Object-Oriented Programming Language",
PAGES = "146--160"
    crossref = "oopsla89",
    author = "Craig Chambers and David Ungar and Elgin Lee",
    title = "An Efficient Implementation of {\sc Self}, A
    Dynamically-Typed Object-Oriented Language Based on Prototypes",
    pages = "49--70"
    crossref = "sigplan90",
    author = "Craig Chambers and David Ungar",
    title = "Iterative Type Analysis and Extended Message Splitting:
    Optimizing Dynamically-Typed Object-Oriented Programs",
    pages = "150--164"
    author = "Craig Chambers and David Ungar",
    title = "Making Pure Object Oriented Languages Practical",
    crossref = "oopsla91",
    pages = "1--15",
    annote = "Self, Message Splitting"
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