Re: ASF+SDF (Was: Online Bibliography for Macro Processors ... (Paul Klint)
Mon, 31 Aug 1992 12:07:49 GMT

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Re: ASF+SDF (Was: Online Bibliography for Macro Processors ... (1992-08-31)
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Newsgroups: comp.compilers
From: (Paul Klint)
Organization: CWI, Amsterdam
Date: Mon, 31 Aug 1992 12:07:49 GMT
References: 92-08-152 92-08-178
Keywords: macros, specification (Jonathan Eifrig) writes:
|> You forgot to mention that the ASF+SDF formalism has been
|> implemented and is available as part of the Centaur set of language tools
|> available from INRIA.

Thank you very much for your addition! In my previous message I was more
(too much?) concentrating on the issue of syntactic extensibility than on
availability of the system.

The full story is that several European research institutes (CWI in The
Netherlands, INRIA in France), Universities (Amsterdam, Darmstadt) and
companies (SEMA-METRA, BULL and GIPSY in France; BSO in the Netherlands;
Dutch PTT; Planet in Greece) over the last 8 years have cooperated in two
European research (ESPRIT) projects: GIPE I and GIPE II, where GIPE stands
for Generation of Interactive Programming Environments.

The result of this research is a system called Centaur, best characterized
as a toolbox for constructing programming environments. The ASF+SDF
formalism I referred to in my previous message has been implemented as
part of the ASF+SDF Meta-environment, which forms part of Centaur.

|> Contact for techical info,
|> and for ordering and administrivia.

The distribution of Centaur is done by INRIA (or more precisely by a small
company called Connexite, reachable at the above address).

|> Remember, the Centaur system is NOT free; get somebody else to buy it for
|> you!

Correct, but for research purposes it *is* cheap (~150 ECU).

|> It makes a great Christmas gift! :-)

I couldn't agree more, there is no better way to spend your Christmas

Paul Klint.

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