summary of data flow algorithms
Fri, 22 May 1992 16:07:36 GMT

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Date: Fri, 22 May 1992 16:07:36 GMT

Some time ago, I wrote:
>If you have implemented data flow analysis algorithms for your systems
>(for example, compilers), I would like to know any of the following
>methods you used:
> 1. iterative algorithms;
> 2. Allen-Cocke interval analysis;
> 3. Tarjan interval analysis;
> 4. Hecht-Ullman T1-T2 analysis;
> 5. Graham-Wegman S1-S2-S3 analysis;
> 6. others, please specify.

According to the responses I have received, I have the following
summary result.

DFA algorithm how many use it
------------- ---------------

iterative 11
Tarjan 2

Graham-Wegman 1
interval * 1

sparse DF ** 2
SSA *** 1

iterative + structural 1

* it was not indicated that either Allen-Cocke or Tarjan interval
analysis was used.

** sparse data flow evaluation technique by Choi, Cytron and Ferrante.

*** SSA: static single assigement (which is more a program
representation than a data flow analysis algorithm)

Since most responses were from the academia, I am wondering what
algorithms are frequently used in production compilers.


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