Re: Incremental compilation (Preston Briggs)
Thu, 23 Jan 1992 18:13:29 GMT

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Newsgroups: comp.compilers
From: (Preston Briggs)
Keywords: code, interpreter
Organization: Rice University, Houston
References: 92-01-081
Date: Thu, 23 Jan 1992 18:13:29 GMT (Steve Boswell) writes:

>I'm looking for references, information, etc. on incremental compilation.
>I don't mean makefiles -- the unit of compilation there is the file, and I
>wanted something smaller, like the lexical token.

Several papers exist

Interprocedural Optimization: Eliminating Unnecessary Recompilation
Keith D. Cooper, Ken Kennedy, Linda Torczon
SIGPLAN '86 Symposium on Compiler Construction

Smart Recompilation
Walter Tichy
TOPLAS 8(3), July 1986

Smarter Recompilation
Robert W. Schwanke and Gail E. Kaiser
TOPLAS 10(4), October 1988


Tichy's response to
R. W. Schwanke and G. E. Kaiser's "Smarter Recompilation"
Walter F. Tichy
TOPLAS 10(4), October 1988

Preston Briggs

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