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23 Dec 91 09:07:00 EST

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Newsgroups: comp.compilers
From: UCC Mr. Dojun M. Yoshikami <>
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Date: 23 Dec 91 09:07:00 EST

>From a recent DECUS session, I found out that Digital Equipment has
recently invested a *boatload* of money into a compiler backend called
"GEM" (the guy said that the codename doesn't mean anything anymore) --
the backend is used to retarget front-end compilers between the various
machines be they VAXen, decstations, or something like ALPHA. Apparantly
they have a language called OPAL to write test code for the backend, and
that they snapped a FORTRAN front end onto a GEM backend on a different
machine, and it ran without modification (of course there's fine tuning
and optimization). Other than that, I know little. DEC apparantly is NOT
letting this out of the house, but I'd be interested if anyone has any
interesting information.

DY :-)

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