Compiler Synthesized Integer Division.

napi@rangkom.MY (Mohd Hanafiah Abdullah)
14 Dec 91 09:31:54 GMT

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Compiler Synthesized Integer Division. napi@rangkom.MY (1991-12-14)
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Newsgroups: comp.compilers
From: napi@rangkom.MY (Mohd Hanafiah Abdullah)
Keywords: arithmetic, question
Organization: MIMOS, Malaysia
Date: 14 Dec 91 09:31:54 GMT

With regard to the 1987 ACM paper entitled "Integer Multiplication and
Division on the HP Precision Architecture" by Daniel J. Magenheimer, et al,
[in the 1987 ASPLOS proceedings, pp. 90-99 -John]
could someone please explain the DIVISION part in "simpler" and "clearer"
way(s)? Given that you have read it, of course. For example, how does one
get the Z value?

On the same subject, I wonder if there is a Z value that is applicable to all
situations for 32 bit divisions. From the shown examples, 2 to the power of
36 is the highest for small odd divisors. Are there higher ones for some
other cases? Excuse me for being naive!

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