Brown/MIT Conference on VLSI and Parallel Systems UPDATE

Denise Sergent <>
Thu, 5 Dec 1991 15:57:32 GMT

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Brown/MIT Conference on VLSI and Parallel Systems UPDATE (Denise Sergent) (1991-12-05)
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Newsgroups: comp.arch,comp.parallel,comp.compilers,comp.vlsi
From: Denise Sergent <>
Keywords: CFP, parallel
Organization: Laboratory for Computer Science, MIT
Date: Thu, 5 Dec 1991 15:57:32 GMT

Due to a recent theft here at MIT, much of the database for the
upcoming Brown/MIT Conference on VLSI and Parallel Systems was lost.
The conference will be held at Brown University in Providence, Rhode
Island, from March 25 - 27, 1992.

If you previously requested an invitation to the conference, please
resubmit your request to ASAP so that we can
send you an invitation when they go out at the end of this month.

We apologize for this inconvenience. Information about the conference

1992 Brown/MIT Conference
Advanced Research in VLSI and Parallel Systems

The design of highly integrated or large-scale systems involves a set
of interrelated disciplines, including circuits and devices, design
automation, VLSI architecture, software systems, and theory.
Successful research in any of these disciplines increasingly relies on
an understanding of the other areas. This conference, the 14th in a
series that has been held at Caltech, MIT, UNC Chapel Hill, Stanford,
and UC Santa Cruz, seeks to promote interaction among researchers in
all disciplines that relate to highly integrated systems. Papers were
solicited in the following and related areas:

    CIRCUITS AND DEVICES: Innovative electrical circuits, optical
    computing, automated semiconductor manufacturing, wafer-scale

    DESIGN AUTOMATION: Synthesis and silicon compilation, layout
    and routing, analysis and simulation, novel design methods,
    architectural design support, design for test.

    VLSI ARCHITECTURE: Highly parallel architectures, special-purpose
    VLSI chips and systems, novel small-scale systems, I/O and
    secondary storage, packaging, and fault tolerance.

    SOFTWARE SYSTEMS: Architecture-driven programming models, parallel
    languages, compiling for concurrency, operating systems,

    THEORY: Parallel algorithms, VLSI theory, layout and wireability
    analysis, I/O complexity, interconnection networks, reliability.

Keynote Speaker
      Head of massively parallel systems development at Cray Research

The conference is organized jointly by the Department of Computer
Science, Brown University and the MIT VLSI and Parallel Systems
Group. The Conference Chair is Charles E. Leiserson (MIT) and the
Local Arrangements Chair is Dan Lopresti (Brown). In order to keep
the conference small and informal, attendance is by invitation only.
***If you would like an invitation or further information about the
conference, contact Denise Sergent at the above address or at (617)
253-2046 (phone) or (email).***

PROGRAM COMMITTEE: Program committee co-chairs are John Savage (Brown)
and Tom Knight (MIT). The program committee consists of Sandeep Bhatt
(Yale), Gaetano Borriello (U. Washington), Rich Brown (U. Michigan),
Randy Bryant (Carnegie Mellon U.), Srinivas Devadas (MIT), Gershon
Kedem (Duke U.), Monica Lam (Stanford), Jack Raffel (MIT Lincoln
Labs), Sartaj Sahni (U. Florida), Carlo Sequin (U.C. Berkeley), Bob
Sproull (Sun Microsystems) and Jeff Vitter (Brown).

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