Validation program for COBOL (either OS/VS or VS II) (Tony D'Amato)
2 Dec 91 20:39:31 GMT

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Validation program for COBOL (either OS/VS or VS II) (1991-12-02)
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Newsgroups: comp.compilers,alt.cobol
From: (Tony D'Amato)
Keywords: Cobol, question
Organization: Old Dominion University Computer Services
Date: 2 Dec 91 20:39:31 GMT

Does anyone in the great network have a sample program(s) that could
be used in our installation validation suite for the IBM OS/VS COBOL
or VS COBOL II compiler(s)? It does not have to be many programs, but
(if possible) would have at least one example of each statement type
available in each compiler.

Thanks very much in advance!
Tony D'Amato E-Mail: NAD100T@ODUVM.BITNET
Old Dominion University or:

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