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Fri, 18 Oct 91 01:24:48 GMT

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Newsgroups: comp.compilers
From: (B. Shridharan)
Keywords: parallel, yacc, question
Organization: The University of Texas at Dallas, ACC
Date: Fri, 18 Oct 91 01:24:48 GMT

Hi netters,
I am a graduate student in UT Dallas. I plan to do my
M.S Thesis in "Parallelizing and Vectorizing codes, and mapping them onto
any specific Parallel Architecture". I have a few directions to proceed
with, and I would like to have the net wisdom regarding them.

1) I plan to develop a loop level (to begin with) source-to-source code
        transformer (SSCT) for FORTRAN-77, using "yacc".
        The SSCT package is supposed to accept output of a dependence
        analysis program and reconvert the code into a parallel version.

        Does any body know if any such tool has already been developed?
        If so, please enlighten me with the details or provide me
        with the e-mail address (if any) to ftp it from.

2) Since I have not built any such tool before, I am not sure of the time
        or complexity involved in it. Can anybody give any hint regarding
        this? (I am a EE major and am not conversant with
        language-grammers etc.)

3) Are there any sites from where I can ftp from, to view some example codes
        in "yacc".

4) Is there any better (simpler) package to build this stuff. { After all my
        aim is to use this package to analyse various aspects of
        transformations and mapping. }

5) Can anyone suggest me some pointers toward a good and simple book to begin

  Please post your correspondences directly to me (saving some
net bandwidth :=) ).

Many thanks in advance.
B.Shridharan ( Shri )
ph : 214 - 669 - 9948
e-mail :
[Re 3), see the monthly FAQ for sources of yacc Fortran parsers. I think
I can safely say you're biting off a lot. -John]

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