Semantics of Languages for Distributed Applications (Dinesh Kulkarni)
Wed, 28 Aug 91 19:51:27 GMT

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Semantics of Languages for Distributed Applications (1991-08-28)
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From: (Dinesh Kulkarni)
Keywords: theory, question, semantics
Organization: University of Notre Dame, Notre Dame
Date: Wed, 28 Aug 91 19:51:27 GMT

Hi !

I am currently working in the area of distributed systems and specifically
language support for distributed applications. I am interested in knowing
more about the state of art in the SEMANTICS of languages for distributed
applications including aspects such as parallelism, distribution, replication
and dynamic load balancing. Both formal theoretical models, as well as any
implementations that have used such models are of great interest to me
(particularly, implementations of procedural and OO languages exploiting
shared data).

I would appreciate if you could provide me pointers to tech. reports, other
publications and active research groups in this area. Any information about
the related area of deriving distributed versions of sequential programs from
specifications would also be very valuable.

Please email your replies to me since I am posting to multiple news groups.
I will post a summary of responses.

Thank you very much for your help.

Dinesh Kulkarni

p.s. Any developments in the VDL/VDM world in this matter ?


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