C-comments in flex

quan@sol.surv.utas.edu.au (Stephen Quan)
21 Aug 91 03:09:23 GMT

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C-comments in flex quan@sol.surv.utas.edu.au (1991-08-21)
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Newsgroups: comp.compilers
From: quan@sol.surv.utas.edu.au (Stephen Quan)
Keywords: C, flex, question
Organization: Compilers Central
Date: 21 Aug 91 03:09:23 GMT

I am designing a C/C++ compiler/program-verifier.

"/*"([^*]|("*"+[^*/]))*"*"+"/" RESPONSE(BLANK,COMMENT);

I have been looking for a definition of the /* ... */ comment in
C and have concocted the one above. If anybody has an improvements,
or know of a textbook solution, please, please mail me!

Thanks in advance.
quan@sol.surv.utas.edu.au (Stephen Quan)
Department of Surveying,
University of Tasmania,
[That's a reasonable pattern except for one thing -- it processes the entire
comment as a single token, which tends to do unpleasant things to the token
buffer when it tries to eat a 25 line comment. My preferred solution is to
have "/*" put the scanner into a comment eating lexical state which is then
exited by "*/". Flex's exclusive start states make this easy. -John]

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