storing a DFA (albert chin)
13 Aug 91 03:40:33 GMT

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storing a DFA (1991-08-13)
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Newsgroups: comp.compilers
From: (albert chin)
Keywords: lex, question
Organization: Florida International University, Miami
Date: 13 Aug 91 03:40:33 GMT

I need an efficient way of storing a DFA for a lexical analyzer (it's
hand compiled). I need methods that take into consideration time accessing
the DFA (which is my primary concern) and space (which is secondary).

as far as #1 goes, a 127x127 matrix would seem to do the trick. #2 would
seem to coincide with how to represent trees.

Also, would i insert certain ``codes'' into the DFA that would tell the
lexical analyzer to handle a certain transition differently (i.e. i'm
parsing a grammar for the korn shell and if a character(s) exist in one
context it might carry a different meaning if recognized in another
context - say at the beginning of a line)?


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