papers, etc. available for ftp. (Olin Shivers)
11 Aug 91 00:11:09 GMT

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papers, etc. available for ftp. (1991-08-11)
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Newsgroups: comp.compilers,comp.lang.misc
From: (Olin Shivers)
Keywords: Scheme, ML, FTP
Organization: School of Computer Science, Carnegie Mellon
Date: 11 Aug 91 00:11:09 GMT

People on this newsgroup occasionally mention my research
on optimising compiler technology for languages like Scheme and ML.
I finished my dissertation in May, and it, along with some of my
other papers, can be anonymously ftp'd from CMU.

I also have some gnu-emacs and LaTeX files that may of interest to
folks on this newsgroup, also available via anonymous ftp.

The two files below give the what and how.


Several of my papers (including the dissertation) are available as tech
reports from the CMU School of Computer Science, and can be had by sending
mail and money to
        Documentation - Computer Science
        School of Computer Science
        Carnegie Mellon University
        Pittsburgh, PA 15213-3890
        (412) 268-2596

There are plusses and minuses to ftping versus ordering these papers.
    - It's free. SCS now charges $10 for 200-page tech reports like my
    - It's previewable on your bitmap. For whatever that's worth.
    - It's fast. You can have it in five minutes.
    - Digital media reproduces better than paper media.

    - Printing out a 200 page document on a slow laser printer can be painful.
    - The SCS tech report is already xeroxed two-sided, and it has
        real front and back covers stapled on.

Do as you please.

LaTeX style files:

Of particular interest might be code.sty, ct.sty, and acmconf2.sty. code.sty
has been massively reworked from the version that has been floating around on
the net for several years. Do a
        mget *
and browse around.

Emacs packages:

These are the comint cmushell/cmulisp/cmuscheme/tea process modes that I
wrote. There's a lot of other stuff here, as well. Again, feel free to browse

As usual, the LaTeX and emacs stuff is voluminously commented. Appended to
this msg is the Readme file from the parent directory for all this stuff. It
gives directions on how to anonymously ftp the files.

This directory contains the following subdirectories:
        emacs Gnu emacs packages.
        papers My papers, in .dvi and postscript form.
        tex LaTeX packages.
All of these files can be anonymously ftp'd.
          July 3, 1991

Directions for anonymous ftp:
1. ftp to any CMU machine with access to the /afs network file system.
      Almost any machine will do; some possibilities are:

2. login as anonymous
3. cd /afs/
      CMU ftp restricts the directories you can access anonymously,
      so you must cd straight to the .../lib directory or its descendants.
4. If you are transfering .dvi or other binary files, set the file transfer
      mode to raw binary with one of the following commands:
                type image
         type binary
      If you don't do this, the files may be garbled.
5. Use dir or ls to list the directory.
6. Transfer the files you want.

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