Intelligent Backtracking via continuation passing and 2nd order recursion ( )
Thu, 8 Aug 1991 10:06:43 GMT

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Intelligent Backtracking via continuation passing and 2nd order recurs (1991-08-08)
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Keywords: question, theory
Organization: Comp Sci, La Trobe Uni, Australia
Date: Thu, 8 Aug 1991 10:06:43 GMT

Hello all the Compiler experts, I am currently doing an Honours thesis
on implementing a Petri Net simultor, in Pascal. And all the techniques
involved are second order recursion and continuation (procedure) passing
to implement backtracking.

Currently, the package is running fine, but I am about to build
intelligent backtracking into the package to ease the Reachability
Analysis, as it can grows exponentially in time.

I have searched through articles, journals and books, but most of
them are concerntrate on the Intelligent Backtracking on logic
programming, like deduction, unification and in Prolog implementation.
I just wonder if anyone knows I can get hints in this issue, and if
so please KINDLY e-mail me about anything helpful at all.

Any help from all the experts and kind people are deeply appreciated in
advance. Hope to hear from you guys!


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