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rod@sphinx.phys.Virginia.EDU (rod early)
Mon, 5 Aug 91 23:38:20 GMT

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Source documenter info. wanted rod@sphinx.phys.Virginia.EDU (1991-08-05)
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Newsgroups: comp.lang.c,comp.compilers,comp.os.msdos.programmer
From: rod@sphinx.phys.Virginia.EDU (rod early)
Keywords: C, source, tools
Organization: University of Virginia Physics Department
Date: Mon, 5 Aug 91 23:38:20 GMT

A few days ago I posted to comp.lang.c and comp.msdos.programmer
about a good source documentation program. Since no one has responded and
I did not see my own post on comp.lang.c, I assume it got lost. Anyway,
I need to get a C source documentor for MSDOS (5.0) for use in conjunction
with Borland C++. One documenter that looks interesting is _C-DOC_ by
"Software Blacksmiths" which lists for $179.

I need a program that generates caller/callee tree diagrams,
file vs module table of contents, identifier cross-reference, and
(not required) a reformatter. Again, it must run under MSDOS.

If you have any experience with _C-DOC_ or "Software Blacksmiths"
please send me mail. Furthermore, if you know of other decent documentation
programs, including simple stuff -- Freeware, Shareware, please tell me.
I need to make a decision fairly soon.

-Rod Early (
[I suspect that it wouldn't be too hard to get some of the free Unix source
tools such as indent running under DOS. -John]

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