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Henri-Pierre.Charles@ircam.fr (Henri-Pierre Charles)
Mon, 5 Aug 91 15:43:03 GMT

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Loop unrolling references Henri-Pierre.Charles@ircam.fr (1991-08-05)
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From: Henri-Pierre.Charles@ircam.fr (Henri-Pierre Charles)
Keywords: optimize, bibliography
Organization: IRCAM, Paris (France)
Date: Mon, 5 Aug 91 15:43:03 GMT

I apologize for my _very_ slow answer. Half-year ago I asked
in comp.compilers for references on loop unrolling techniques.

I have a report (in french) in which I describe some
experimentations with the gcc compiler for the i860.

Thanks for the persons who send me references.

And now the answers.

Reply-To: Andreas Mueck <mueck@unipas.fmi.uni-passau.de>
    Parallel Programming and Compilers
    by C.D. Polychronopoulos,
    Kluwer Academic Publishers, 1988
    ISBN 0-89838-288-2

Reply-To: pardo@cs.washington.edu (David Keppel)
%A S. Weiss
%A J. E. Smith
%T A Study of Scalar Compilation Techniques for Pipelined Supercomputers
%P 105-111

%J CCC88
%T Unfold/Fold Transformations and Loop Optimization of Logic Programs
%A S. K. Debray
%P 297-307

%T Advanced Loop Optimizations for Parallel Computers
%A Constantine Polychronopoulos
%J PROC 1st INTL CONF on Supercomputing, LNCS 297
%C Athens, Greece
%D JUN 1987
%P 255-277
%X I doubt this talks about loop unrolling; you never know though.

%T Loop Quantization or Unwinding Done Right
%A A. Nicolau
%J PROC 1st INTL CONF on Supercomputing, LNCS 297
%C Athens, Greece
%D JUN 1987
%P 294-308

Reply-To: Steven M. Carr <carr@rice.edu>
Estimating Pipeline Interlock and Improving Balance for Pipelined
Architecures", David Callahan, John Cocke, Ken Kennedy. Proceedings
of the 1987 International Conference on Parallel Processing.

"Improving Register Allocation for Subscripted Variables", David Callahan,
Steve Carr, Ken Kennedy. Proceedings of the SIGPLAN 1990 Conference
on Programming Language Design and Implementation.

"Loop Quantization: An Analysis and Algorithm", Alexader Aiken,
Alexandru Nicolau. Cornell Dept. of Comp. Science TR87-821.

>From me:
AUTHOR = {Constantine Polychronopoulos},
TITLE = {Parallel programming and compilers},
ABSTRACT = {ISBN 0-89838-288-2},
PUBLISHER = {Kluwer Academic Pubblishers},
YEAR = {1989},

                Author = {Monica S. Lam},
                Title = {A systolic Array Optimizing compiler},
                Publisher ={Kluwer Academic Publishers},
                Year = {1989}

                Author = {Ping-Sheng Tseng},
                Title = {A systolic Array parallelizing compiler},
                Publisher ={Kluwer Academic Publishers},
                Year = {1990}

                Author = {John R. Ellis},
                Title = {Bulldog: A compiler for VLIW Architectures},
                Publisher ={The MIT Press},
                Year = {1986},
                Abstract ={}
@Phdthesis {Aiken,
                Author= {Alexander Aiken},
                Title= {Compaction-Based Parallelization},
                School= {Cornell University},
                Year= {1988}

Good luck, happy unrolling.

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