LL(1) C grammar

jos@and.nl (J. Horsmeier)
17 Jun 91 10:20:39 GMT

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Hi there,

anyone out there having (knowing of) a LL(1) grammar for `C'. ANSI or K&R or
both would be fine.

I'm just interested in the syntax, no semantics embedded in the syntax of the
grammar (e.g. operator precedence). This would greatly reduce the complexity
of the syntax (I think). I'm currently working on a low profile project:
Reference document generation, given `C' source files.

The thing is supposed to generate `frames' of reference manuals. We are
working with a home brew LL(1) parser generator, including a lex look alike
NFA->DFA regular expression scanner. For several reasons (interpretation
versus compilation, incremental parser building etc.), we do not want to use
lex/yacc. Ambiguities (shift/reduce, non factored rules etc.) are okay, the
generator can deal with them ...

thanx in advance,


J.A. Horsmeier AND Software B.V. phone : +31 10 4367100
                              Westersingel 106/108 fax : +31 10 4367110
                              3015 LD Rotterdam NL e-mail: jos@and.nl
[I know of several yacc grammars, but no LL(1) grammar other than the one
implicitly in the Ritchie C compiler. -John]

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