Re: any rapid prototyping system for language implementation? (J. Stephen Adamczyk)
15 Jun 91 12:21:34 GMT

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Newsgroups: comp.compilers
From: (J. Stephen Adamczyk)
Summary: Who are Apogee and Edison Design Group?
Keywords: prototype
Organization: Edison Design Group Inc., Upper Montclair, NJ
References: 91-06-018
Date: 15 Jun 91 12:21:34 GMT

In article 91-06-018, (Souripriya Das) writes:
> Somebody mentioned about VPO (Very Portable Optimizer) from U. virginia or
> Virginia Polytech. and "Apogee" from Edison Group. Any comments about the
> source and quality of these systems would be very helpful to us.

Unless this is a remarkable coincidence, what we have here is an example
of the telephone game (where one person tells the next, who tells the
next, and so on).

"Apogee" probably refers to Apogee Software, a Santa Clara, CA company,
which sells compilers featuring highly-optimizing back-end technology.
Their C front end was developed by Edison Design Group (my company).
That, I assume, is the "Edison Group" part.

To answer the other part of your question, these compilers are of very
high quality :-). However, they're compilers for specific languages,
not compiler-compiler systems.

On the U. of Virginia stuff, you might want to contact Jack Davidson
( I believe that that system is also for specific
languages, but you should ask someone who really knows.

There *are* some systems aimed at prototyping new languages. The one
that leaps to mind is the Amsterdam Compiler Kit (ACK), which is
available (at least) from Unipress in Edison, NJ.

Steve Adamczyk
Edison Design Group or uunet!edg1!jsa; 201-744-2620

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