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19 Feb 91 17:46:37 GMT

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UI Programming Languages SIG oldman@miso.rtp.dg.com (1991-02-19)
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From: oldman@miso.rtp.dg.com (Dan Oldman)
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Keywords: debug, linker, design
Date: 19 Feb 91 17:46:37 GMT
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Organization: Data General Corporation, Research Triangle Park, NC
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Submitted-by: oldman@miso.rtp.dg.com (Dan Oldman)

The UNIX International Programming Languages Special Interest Group (UI
PLSIG) is an organization of people interested in improving programming
language tools on UNIX System V release 4 and beyond.

Our current focus is on expanding and refining the specification of the
debugger information format which is used by the portable tool set
(e.g. C compiler, symbolic debugger) in AT&T's System V Release 4 and
by some other third party software development tools. This new
information format is called DWARF.

In the future we intend to enhance and/or develop specifications for
DWARF "bindings" for FORTRAN, C++, Modula, and other interesting
languages, as well as specifications for the kernel and shared library
manager (RTLD) interface for debugging and core files. After debugging
support has advanced to a "maintenance activity" for us, we are
interested in other areas but have no specific plans.

The plsig operates via email and about 5-6 meetings per year held at
facilities provided by volunteer members. Our next meeting is planned
for late April at Motorola in Austin, Texas. People who can't
physically attend are encouraged to participate via email. The mailing
list is quite active and is the vehicle for distributing minutes from
our meetings and proposed drafts of documents.

To get on the mailing list, send your name, surface mail address, phone
number, email address, and fax number if you have one to
plsig-request@ui.org. Specific questions can also be addressed to the
chairman (Dan Oldman) at "oldman@dg-rtp.dg.com".

Volume-Number: Volume 22, Number 130

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