Re: PD YACC-able SQL Grammar (David Keppel)
20 Feb 91 22:37:01 GMT

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Re: PD YACC-able SQL Grammar (1991-02-20)
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Newsgroups: comp.compilers
From: (David Keppel)
Keywords: SQL, parse
Organization: University of Washington, Computer Science, Seattle
References: <>
Date: 20 Feb 91 22:37:01 GMT

>[PD YACC-able SQL Grammar?]

Aristides Grigoriou has been kind enough to send me comp.databases
article <2137@cuc1.uucp> of 15 Sept. 1989, which contains a PD
nearly-ANSI SQL grammar. I have temporarily (about 1 week) made this
available via anonymous ftp from `' ( in
the file `pub/pardo/sql.shar.Z' (remember to transfer the file in
binary mode).

I haven't tried this file (except to de-shar it and look at it) nd I
don't know diddly about SQL, so buyer beware, caveat ftp, and all
that. Perhaps one of the previous requestors of an SQL grammar can
look at this and tell us whether it's good, or perhaps contact the
original author (possibly useful name/address included) and find out
the current state of the world and/or write to comp.databases...

;-D on ( My grammar is smaller than your grammar ) Pardo

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