CALL FOR PARTICIPATION: Hot Chips Symposium III (Martin Freeman)
Wed, 20 Feb 91 18:10:30 GMT

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CALL FOR PARTICIPATION: Hot Chips Symposium III (1991-02-20)
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From: (Martin Freeman)
Keywords: CFP, design, hardware
Organization: Center for Integrated Systems, Stanford University, California
Date: Wed, 20 Feb 91 18:10:30 GMT

                                                  HOT CHIPS SYMPOSIUM III
                                            Stanford University, Stanford, CA
                                                      August 26-27, 1991

                                                  CALL FOR CONTRIBUTIONS

                      General Chair: Martin Freeman, Philips Research
                      Program Co-chairs: Forest Baskett, Silicon Graphics
                                                              John Hennessy, Stanford University

HOT CHIPS is back once again! Sponsored by the IEEE Computer Society
Technical Committee on Microprocessors and Microcomputers, Hot Chips III
is a conference that consists of presentations on high-performance
chip and chip-set products, and related topics. This conference is
directed particularly at new and exciting products. The emphasis is on
real products, not academic designs. Participants will not be required
to prepare written papers. The proceedings will consist of copies of
the slides to be presented.

                    Contributions are solicited in the following areas:

* RISC and CISC Processors * Bus Chips
* Floating Point Processors * Cache Controllers and Memories
* Embedded CPUs * Neural Chips
* Graphics & Image Processing Chips * Systolic Array Chips
* Digital Signal Processors * Compiler Issues with Hot Chips
* Network Chip-Sets * Benchmarking/Performance Evaluation

Proposals should consist of a title, an extended abstract (1-5 pages)
describing the product or topic to be presented, and the name,
title, address, phone number, fax number, and electronic mail address
of the presenter. If this is a not yet announced product, and you would
like the submission kept confidential, please indicate it; we will do
our best to maintain confidentiality. Submissions can be made by hard
copy, fax, or electronic mail by April 1, 1991 to:

                                            Ms. Melissa Anderson
                                            Program Committee Administrator
                                            Silicon Graphics Inc.
                                            2011 North Shoreline Blvd.
                                            P.O. Box 7311
                                            Mountain View, CA. 94039-7311
                                            fax: (415)965-7651, email:

For further general information about the symposium, contact Martin Freeman
at (408)991-3591 or For further information
about submissions, contact Melissa Anderson at (415)335-1565 or

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