Documentation for re-targeting GNU C compiler

17 Feb 91 11:55:06 GMT

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Keywords: GCC, code, question
Organization: Tel-Aviv Univesity Math and CS school, Israel
Date: 17 Feb 91 11:55:06 GMT

Hello, Netlanders.

I am involved in a project that entails re-targeting the GNU C compiler
(GCC) to serve as a cross compiler whose target is a hand-made, bit-sliced
proprietary CPU.

To my disappointment, I found the documentation availble with the GCC sources
to be lacking in the area of writing a new machine description.
Basically, there's enough there to struggle by, but not really enough.
(the documentation seems geared mainly to users of GCC, and people who
  intend to maintain it. For people wanting to write machine description, it
  seems that they are supposed to adapt an existing descriptio. Since my target
  CPU is a-typical (of any other CPU now supported by GCC) this is no help)

                1. Is there any other document I am missing?
                2. Did anyone yet write an article describing his experience?
                      (And if not - is such an article a good idea? should I think
                          of eventually writing one? where should it appear?)
                3. I'm sure I'm not the first to face this problem. I would be
                      gratefull for any advice/wisdom you can spare.
                        (e-mail will be summarized if anyone interested)

                                                                                                Michael Orr
Michael Orr
UniPower Ltd. 1 Ta'ass St. Ramat Gan, Israel 52461. Tel:+972-3-7510255 - best route - I have a proven working .forward - "real" address, MAY work.
[I suspect that you're supposed to read the source code, guided by the hints
in the manual. Also, if your target machine is not byte addressable with
32 bit words, you'll probably find that the current GCC is chock full of
inconvenient assumptions. -John]

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