Re: Give me your strings. (William A. Hoffman)
13 Feb 91 18:52:18 GMT

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From: (William A. Hoffman)
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Keywords: C, lex, question
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Date: 13 Feb 91 18:52:18 GMT

:... I'm looking for an executable that knows enough C
:(or Pascal, ...) syntax to isolate string constants, and echo them out
:to a file (possibly stdout).

What about a simple lex program: string.lex

string \"([^"\n]|\\["\n])*\"
{string} printf("%s\n", yytext); return(1);
\n ;
. ;
int i;

while(i= yylex())

to run just:
lex string.lex
cc lex.yy.c -o string
string < *.c
[I'd make it a little bit smarter to handle character constants and
comments, but in general that's the right idea. -John]

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