Symposium on Experiences with Distributed and Multiprocessor Systems (Gene Spafford)
5 Feb 91 03:11:08 GMT

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Symposium on Experiences with Distributed and Multiprocessor Systems (1991-02-05)
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From: (Gene Spafford)
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Keywords: conference, parallel
Organization: Department of Computer Science, Purdue University
Date: 5 Feb 91 03:11:08 GMT


Symposium on Experiences With Distributed
and Multiprocessor Systems

21--22 March 1991
Atlanta, Georgia

Sponsored by:
The Usenix Association
The Software Engineering Research Center (SERC)

In cooperation with:
            ACM Special Interest Group on Data Communication (SIGCOMM)
              ACM Special Interest Group on Operating Systems (SIGOPS)
          IEEE-CS Technical Committee on Distributed Processing (TCDP)
              IEEE-CS Technical Committee on Operating Systems (TCOS)
            IEEE-CS technical Committee on Software Engineering (TCSE)

Registration and Travel Support

        To receive a brochure and registration information contact:
Ms. Judy DesHarnais
USENIX Conference Office
22672 Lambert Street, Suite 613
El Toro, CA 92630
Phone: +1 714 588-8649
FAX: +1 714 588-9706

        A limited number of grants are available for FULL-TIME students, to
        help defray travel, lodging, and registration expenses.
        Full time students interested in these grants should contact:
Ms. Ellie Young, Executive Director
USENIX Association
2560 Ninth Street, Suite 215
Berkeley, CA 94710
        Travel grant applications must be RECEIVED no later than February 22.

Papers and Speakers

        Opening remarks:
              George Leach, General Chair (ATT Paradyne, Largo, FL) and
              Eugene Spafford, Program Chair (Software Engineering Research
              Center Department of Computer Sciences, Purdue University)

        Invited Keynote Presentation:
              "How to Move Parallel Processing into the Mainstream?"
              Professor H. T. Kung (School of Computer Science,
              Carnegie-Mellon University)

        Session I --- System-Building Experience
              "Experience Developing the RP3 Operating System" Ray Bryant,
              Hung-Yang Chang and Bryan Rosenburg (IBM Research Division,
              Thomas J. Watson Rsearch Center)

              "Experiences with Distributed Data Management in Real-time
              Systems" Paul J. Fortier (Naval Underwater Systems Center),
              David V. Pitts, John C. Sieg, Jr. and C. Thomas Wilkes
              (Department of Computer Science, University of Lowell)

              "The Ion Data Engine" Marc F. Pucci (Bellcore)

              "Building a Semi-Loosely Coupled Multiprocessor System Based on
              Network Process Extension" Helen S. Raizen (Prime Computer Inc.)
              and Stephen C. Schwarm (Digital Equipment Corporation)

        Session II --- RPC and Communications
              "Implementation and Performance of a Communication Facility for
              the Raid Distributed Transaction Processing System" Enrique
              Mafla and Bharat Bhargava (Department of Computer Sciences,
              Purdue University)

              "Experience with Threads and RPC in Mach" Dan Duchamp
              (Computer Science Department, Columbia University)

              "Kernel-Kernel Communication in a Shared-Memory Multiprocessor"
              Eliseu M. Chaves, Jr. (Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro,
              Brazil), Thomas J. LeBlanc, Brian D. Marsh and Michael L. Scott
              (Computer Science Department, University of Rochester)

        Session III --- Scheduling Synchronization
              "Process Scheduling and Synchronization in the Renaissance
              Object-Oriented Multiprocessor Operating System" Vincent F.
              Russo (Department of Computer Sciences, Purdue University)

              "A Hybrid Approach to Load Balancing in Distributed Systems"
              Prabha Gopinath (Philips Laboratories), and Rajiv Gupta
              (Department of Computer Science, University of Pittsburgh)

              "FALCON: A Distributed Scheduler for MIMD Architectures" Andrew
              S. Grimshaw (Department of Computer Science, University of
              Virginia) and Virgilio E. Vivas (Department of Informatics,
              LAGOVEN, S.A., Venezuela)

        Work-in-Progress Session
              Moderator: Mike O'Dell (Bellcore)

        Optional discussion/panel session:
              "Orthogonal Optimization Languages in Distributed Systems"
              organized by A. Lester Buck (IBM Federal Sector Division).
              Other discussion and topics as the audience suggests.

        Session IV --- Debugging and Analysis
              "Performance Evaluation of the Sylvan Multiprocessor
              Architecture" Forbes J. Burkowski, Charles L. A. Clarke, Gordon
              J. Vreugdenhil (Department of Computer Science, University of
              Waterloo), and Crispin Cowan (Computer Science Department,
              University of Western Ontario)

              "Debugging Multiprocessor Operating System Kernels" Noemi
              Paciorek, Susan LoVerso and Alan Langerman (Encore Computer

              "Debugging the Time Warp Operating System and Its Application
              Programs" Peter L. Reiher (Jet Propulsion Laboratory), Steven
              Bellenot (The Florida State University), and David Jefferson

        Session V --- Performance Tuning
              "Lock Granularity Tuning Mechanisms in SVR4/MP" Mark D. Campbell,
              Russ Holt and John Slice (NCR Corporation, EM Columbia)

              "Measured Performance of Caching in the Sprite Network File
              System" Brent Welch (Xerox-PARC CSL)

        Session VI --- Distributing Memory and Data
              "Using Kernel-Level Support for Distributed Shared Data" David L.
              Cohn, Paul M. Greenawalt, Michael R. Casey and Matthew P.
              Stevenson (Department of Computer Science and Engineering,
              University of Notre Dame)

              "Virtual Memory Xinu" Douglas Comer and James Griffioen
              (Department of Computer Sciences, Purdue University)

              "Early Experience with Building and Using the Gothic Distributed
              Operating System" Isabelle Puaut, Michel Banatre and Jean-Paul
              Routeau (IRISA--INRIA, France)

        Session VII --- Distributed Systems
              "Supporting an Object-Oriented Distributed System: Experience
              with Unix, Mach and Chorus" F. Boyer, J. Cayuela, P. Y.
              Chevalier, A. Freyssinet, and Daniel Hagimont (Unite Mixte
              Bull-IMAG/Systemes, Gieres, France)

              "Can We Study Design Issues of Distributed Operating Systems in
              a Generalized Way?" G. W. Gerrity, A. Goscinski, J. Indulska,
              W. Toomey and W. Zhu (Department of Computer Science,
              University College, University of New South Wales)

              "Language and Operating System Support for Distributed
              Programming in Clouds" Partha Dasgupta (Department of Computer
              Science and Engineering, Arizona State University), R.
              Ananthanarayanan, Sathis Menon, Ajay Mohindra, Mark Pearson,
              Raymond Chen and Christopher Wilkenloh (Distributed Systems
              Laboratory, College of Computing, Georgia Institute of

        Alternate Paper, Not scheduled for presentation:
              "Experiences with the Liason Network Multimedia Workstation"
              Howard P. Katseff, Robert D. Gaglianello, Thomas B. London,
              Bethany S. Robinson and Donald B. Swicker (ATT Bell

A full proceedings will be distributed to all attendees. Extra copies
of the proceedings will be for sale after the symposium. Contact for details.
Gene Spafford
NSF/Purdue/U of Florida Software Engineering Research Center,
Dept. of Computer Sciences, Purdue University, W. Lafayette IN 47907-2004
Internet: phone: (317) 494-7825

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