Re: SQL grammar (John A. Weeks III)
20 Jan 91 22:27:36 GMT

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Newsgroups: comp.compilers
From: (John A. Weeks III)
Keywords: SQL, parse
Organization: NeWave Communications Ltd, Eden Prairie, MN
References: <>
Date: 20 Jan 91 22:27:36 GMT

In article <> the moderator comments:
>[...Someone asked for a yacc grammar last November but I saw no responses...]

The SQL parser & yacc grammar were posted to alt.sources about a week after
the question last November. If you cannot find it in any archive by FTP,
send me E-Mail. I will dig it off of a back-up tape.


John A. Weeks III (612) 942-6969
NeWave Communications ...uunet!rosevax!tcnet!wd0gol!newave!john

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