SQL grammar

jesanche@mtecv2.mty.itesm.mx (Jesus Eugenio Sanchez)
19 Jan 91 21:30:32 GMT

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Newsgroups: comp.compilers
From: jesanche@mtecv2.mty.itesm.mx (Jesus Eugenio Sanchez)
Summary: Looking for SQL grammar
Keywords: SQL, parse
Organization: ITESM. Campus Monterrey
Date: 19 Jan 91 21:30:32 GMT

        I'm a CS undergrad student, and I'm studying SQL for my
compilers class. Do you know of any book describing the SQL grammar?
Is there a Yacc/Bison file that I can use? Please let me know.

Eugenio Sanchez
jesanche@tlatoani.mty.itesm.mx (RS/6000)
jesanche@mtecv2.mty.itesm.mx (VAX 6310)
jsanchez@roxette.mty.itesm.mx (NeXT)

[SQL is defined in ANSI X3.135-1986, also known as ISO/TC97/SC21/WG3 N117.
There are lots of books. I like C. J. Date, "A Guide to the SQL Standard,"
Addison-Wesley, 1987, ISBN 0-201-05777-8, which contains a BNF grammar in an
appendix. Someone asked for a yacc grammar last November but I saw no
responses. -John]

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