Re: Wanted -- Karlsruhe compiler tools (Tony Catone)
3 Jan 91 03:29:26 GMT

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Newsgroups: comp.compilers
From: (Tony Catone)
Keywords: lex, parse, modula
Organization: desci
References: <1990Dec20.074453.4559@mojsys.uucp>
Date: 3 Jan 91 03:29:26 GMT

>[Josef Grosch, grosch@gmdka.UUCP, sent in a note on Rex in March 1988 but
>I've heard nothing since then. -John]

I used the mentioned compiler tools for a graduate level compiler course
emphasizing attribute grammars last spring. Josef Grosch is in Europe,
Germany I believe, but will send you the tools if you send him a tape.
I liked the tools, though some of the documenation exists only in German,
and some of the English documentation is a little difficult to read since
it was not written by native speakers, so the language is a little stilted.
The tools are written in Modula-2, so it really helps to have a modula
compiler. My compiler group did not, so we made heavy use of the included
Modula-2 to C translator; be forewarned it makes no attempt to flag modula
coding errors, since it reasonably enough expects that one will only want to
translate working code.

If anyone wants more specifics, drop me a line, and I'll reply when I
get back to my office after winter break.

- Tony

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