Hash Specifics SUMMARY

AGroot@UNCAMULT.BITNET (Adriaan Degroot)
Thu, 13 Dec 90 13:25:37 MST

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Hash Specifics SUMMARY AGroot@UNCAMULT.BITNET (1990-12-13)
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Newsgroups: comp.compilers
From: AGroot@UNCAMULT.BITNET (Adriaan Degroot)
Keywords: design
Organization: Compilers Central
Date: Thu, 13 Dec 90 13:25:37 MST

Thanx to all who responded (even the person in the same building as
I am) who pointed out the following points:

a) gperf, available everywhere (but here) produces perfect hash
      functions for a given set of keywords. Versions in a bunch
      of languages. Free. etc. etc.

b) Perfect hashing, which I guess is what I asked for, rears its
      ugly head in CACM every ten years, and remains unresolved.
      As people have pointed out, it tends to be expensive & should
      probably be avoided with a preference to faster, reasonably
      minimal hash functions.

c) This particular question could be handled by other methods, such
      as tries, binary searches, some simple brainwork.

Some people have offered to send source for generating hashers,
some mailed excellent technical explanations of what I was trying
to do (i.e. they explained to me what my question meant - thanx
again to you) but by far the most people said "Use gperf & be happy"
which is what I guess I will do, sometime in the future.

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** AGroot@UNCAMULT.BITNET, please.

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