Workshop on Compilers for Parallel Computers : Advance Program (Pierre Jouvelot)
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Workshop on Compilers for Parallel Computers : Advance Program (1990-07-27)
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From: (Pierre Jouvelot)
Organization: MIT Laboratory for Computer Science
Date: Fri, 27 Jul 90 16:37:18 GMT
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\settowidth{\lc}{77305 FONTAINEBLEAU CEDEX}

\title{International Workshop on Compilers \\
for Parallel Computers \\
{\small Advance Program}}

\author{Paris, December 3-5, 1990}



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The workshop on Compilers for Parallel Computers is focused on
compilation for parallel machines, regardless of the input language
(procedural or declarative, sequential or parallel, synchronous or
asynchronous) and regardless of the target architecture (vector unit or
VLIW, shared or distributed memory, with or without a memory hierarchy,
systolic arrays). Its aim is to provide insight into compilation
techniques that are still at a research stage in the laboratory, but are
already published in major conferences.

This workshop, organized by Ecole des Mines de Paris and the MASI
laboratory of University Pierre-et-Marie Curie in Paris, is intended as
a follow-up to the {\em Workshop on Compiling Techniques and Compiler
Construction for Parallel Computers}, which was organized at Oxford in
September 1989 by Tom Lake (BCS). It will be held at Minist\`ere de la
Recherche et de la Technologie, in the former buildings of the
prestigious Ecole Polytechnique. They are located in one of the most
pleasant district of Paris, within walking distance from Quartier Latin and
Jardin du Luxembourg.


ACM & Assoc. for Computing Machinery\\
AFCET & Assoc. Fran\c{c}aise pour la Cybern\'etique \\
& Economique et Technique\\
BCS-PPSG & British Computer Society \\
GI-PARS & Gesellschaft f\"{u}r Informatik \\
PRC C3 & Prog. de Recherche Coordonn\'ee C3\\
SI & Schweizer Informatiker Gesellschaft



ENSMP & Ecole Nationale Sup\'erieure des Mines de Paris \\
MASI & Universit\'e Pierre et Marie Curie

\subsubsection*{Scientific Organizers}

Paul Feautrier & Universit\'e Pierre et Marie Curie\\
Fran\c{c}ois Irigoin & Ecole des Mines de Paris

\subsubsection*{Program Committee}

Paul Feautrier & Universit\'e Pierre et Marie Curie \\
Francois Irigoin & Ecole des Mines de Paris \\
Pierre Jouvelot & Ecole des Mines de Paris and MIT \\
Patrice Quinton & IRISA \\
G\'erard Roucairol & CRG Bull \\
R\'emi Triolet & Ecole des Mines de Paris

\subsubsection*{Organization Committee}

Jacqueline Altimira & Ecole des Mines de Paris \\
Chantal Perrichon & MASI


% \noindent For more information and to receive a copy of the program and
For more information and to receive a copy of the program and
registration form, please contact:

Compilers for Parallel Computers \\
Ecole des Mines de Paris \\
{\em Telephone:} +33 1 \\
{\em Telefax:} +33 1 \\
{\em Telex:} MINEFON 694736 F \\
{\em Email:} {\tt}


\section*{Advance Program}

\subsubsection*{Dec. 3, AM:Program Analysis}

9h & Introduction to the Workshop \\
9h30 & {\it The Program Dependence Graph and its Uses}, by Jean
Ferrante (IBM Research Division) \\
10h & {\it Data Structure Analysis in C Programs}, by Fran\c{c}ois Bodin
(IRISA) \\
10h30 & {\it EMiLiA: An Experimental Analyzer for the Automatic
Parallelization of Programs Using Dynamically Allocated
Data}, by Jan Stansky, Fran\c{c}ois Masdupuy (Ecole
Polytechnique) \\
11h & Coffee break \\

\subsubsection*{Automatic Parallelization I}

11h30 & {\it An Overview of Compiler Research at CSRD}, by Luddy
Harrison (CSRD) \\
12h & {\it PTRAN: Experiences with Automatic Parallelization}, by Michael
Burke (IBM Research Division) \\

13h & Lunch

\subsubsection*{Dec. 3, PM: Distributed Memory I}

14h30 & {\it Automatic Support of Data Partitioning}, by Hans Zima
(Vienna Univ.) \\
15h & {\it Programming Distributed Memory Machines}, by Piyush Mehrotra
(ICASE) \\
15h30 & {\it Code Generation for Data Movements in a Hierarchical Memory
Machine}, by Corinne Ancourt (Ecole des Mines) \\
16h & {\it A Method for Parallel Program Generation via Data Representation
and its Implementation}, by Edwin Paalvast, Arjan van
Gemund, Henk Sips (ITI) \\
16h30 & Coffee break \\

\subsubsection*{Scheduling and Program Transformations}

17h & {\it A Systematic Approach to Program Transformations}, by Paul
Feautrier (MASI) \\
17h30 & {\it Linear Programming Methods for Minimizing Execution Time
of Indexed Computations}, by Bj\"{o}rn Lisper (RIT,
Sweden) \\
18h & {\it Achieving Peak Performance on a Superscalar Machine}, by
Larry Carter (IBM Research Division) \\

\subsubsection*{Dec. 4, AM: Pragmatics}

9h & {\it The Perfect Club}, by Luddy Harrison (CSRD) \\
9h30 & {\it Parallelism in Numeric and Symbolic Programs}, by
James Larus (Madison Univ.) \\
10h & {\it Parallel Compile Time Debugging of Parallel
Applications}, by W. Joosen, Y. Berbers, P. Verbaeten
(KUL) \\
10h30 & {\it Run Time Parallelization and Scheduling of Loops}, by
Joel Saltz (ICASE) \\
11h & Coffee break \\

\subsubsection*{Automatic Parallelization II}

11h30 & {\it An Optimizing Fortran Compiler for the Intel 860}, by
Stephen Cox (Hipersoft) \\
12h30 & {\it Interprocedural Parallelization of Real Programs - An
Experience with PIPS}, by R\'emi Triolet (Ecole des
Mines) \\
13h & Lunch

\subsubsection*{Dec. 4, PM: Distributed Memory II}

14h30 & {\it Parallelization of Multigrid Programs in SuperB}, by
Michael Gerndt (Vienna Univ.) \\
15h & {\it Automatic Parallelization of Fortran Code for a
Distributed Memory MIMD System}, by Andr\'e Schneider
(CERN) \\
15h30 & {\it Compiling Sequential Programs for Distributed Memory
Parallel Computers}, by Fran\c{c}oise Andr\'e, Claude
Jard and Jean-Louis Pazat (IRISA) \\
16h & {\it A Compiler and Environment Project for Distributed Memory
Machines}, by Ulrich Kremer (Rice Univ.) \\
16h30 & Coffee break \\

\subsubsection*{Language I}

17h & {\it OPERA: A Parallel Prolog System and its Implementation},
by Michel Favre, Claudio Geyer, Patrick Poissonnier
17h30 & {\it DEVIL: An Intermediate Vector Language - Definition and
Implementation}, by Philippe Preux, Jean-Luc Dekeyser,
Philippe Marquet (LIFL) \\
18h & {\it Query Optimization and Parallelization of Embedded SQL
and Database Programming}, by Brian Hart (Bull-CRG) \\

\subsubsection*{Dec. 5, AM: Code Generation}

9h & {\it A Simulation Environment for Automatic Parallelization on
the Instruction Level}, by W. Karl (Munich Univ.) \\
9h30 & {\it Scheduling Issues for Code Generation}, by Christine
Eisenbeis (INRIA), Fran\c{c}ois Bodin, William Jalby,
Daniel Windheiser (IRISA) \\
10h & {\it Incremental Loop Parallelization for Superscalar
Architectures}, by Benoit de Dinechin (CEA) \\
10h30 & {\it Optimal Implementation of DOACROSS Loops on VLIW
Architectures: Models and Algorithms}, by Claire Hanen
(MASI) \\
11h & Coffee break \\

\subsubsection*{Automatic Parallelization III}

11h30 & {\it MIPRAC: A Semantic Approach to Multilingual
Parallelization}, by Luddy Harrison (CSRD) \\
12h30 & {\it PMACS: A Parallel Programming Environment Prototype}, by
Babak Dehbonei (Bull-CRG) \\
13h & Lunch

\subsubsection*{Dec. 5, PM: Language II}

14h30 & {\it Optimizing Compilation for the SYMPAL Parallel Language},
by Yariv Aridor (Tel-Aviv Univ.) \\
15h & {\it ALPHA: A Language for the Design of Systolic Algorithms},
by Herv\'e Leverge, Christophe Mauras, Patrice Quinton
(IRISA) \\
15h30 & {\it Using Effect Systems to Compile Functional Languages on SIMD
Architectures}, by Pierre Jouvelot (Ecole des Mines, MIT) \\


Pierre Jouvelot
. CAI, Ecole des Mines, Paris (France):
. LCS, MIT, Cambridge (USA):


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