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It was recognized several years ago that Intermetrics needed to strengthen
its 8-bit compiler line to compete in the marketplace. This was achieved
when Intermetrics merged with Whitesmiths Ltd. in December 1988, giving
Intermetrics a new line of state-of-the-art 8-bit compilers. These compilers
are as good or better than any found in the marketplace today. Below is the
same source code as posted in the previous note compiled with the Whitesmiths
z80 compiler.

      Here is the equivalent C & asm listing of the Whitesmiths z80 compiler

.psect _text
; 1 struct { char a[25]; char friend; } noptr, *ptr;
; 2
; 3 void func(void)
; 4 {
; 5 if(ptr->friend==1);
ld hl,(_ptr)
ld bc,25
add hl,bc
ld a,(hl)
cp 1
; 6 if(noptr.friend==1);
ld a,(_noptr+25)
cp 1
; 7 }
.psect _bss
.byte [2]
.byte [26]
.public _ptr
.public _noptr
.public _func

Please contact us if you have comments or questions.

Intermetrics Inc.
733 Concord Ave.
Cambridge, MA 02138

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