An object oriented Lex replacement

Tim Budd <budd@mist.CS.ORST.EDU>
Thu, 26 Jul 90 23:03:59 GMT

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An object oriented Lex replacement budd@mist.CS.ORST.EDU (Tim Budd) (1990-07-26)
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Newsgroups: comp.compilers
From: Tim Budd <budd@mist.CS.ORST.EDU>
Keywords: lex, OOP
Organization: Compilers Central
Date: Thu, 26 Jul 90 23:03:59 GMT

This short note is to announce the availability of a very beta pre-release
version of OMA, an object oriented replacement for lex. Here is the
abstract from the reference manual.

  OMA is an object oriented system for constructing pattern matchers, or
  lexical analysers. The system is object oriented in both its design and
  implementation, and in the programs it generates. OMA input is similar to
  the input used by the LEX lexical analyzer system. Unlike Lex, OMA produces
  a class description for the pattern matcher. This class description can be
  specialized or altered by the programmer in a number of ways to achieve
  unique effects. For example, multiple lexical analyzers can be included
  in a single system.

  OMA is part of a suite of object oriented tools for compiler construction.
  Other tools in the collection include the OPA parser generator, the AWESOME
  symbol table system, and the OCHER code generation routines.

OMA is written in C++ and has been compiled under GNU C++. One reason for
this posting is to try to get a few folks to try compiling it under other
systems so they can tell me where it breaks.

Source code and manual can be ftp'ed from, file

OPA and the rest are still under development.

--tim budd

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