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dwg@bpdsun1.UUCP (David W. Glessner)
Wed, 18 Jul 90 22:46:55 GMT

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Newsgroups: comp.compilers
From: dwg@bpdsun1.UUCP (David W. Glessner)
Summary: HI-TECH Z80 compiler
Keywords: code, z80
Organization: Harris Broadcast Div., Quincy, IL
References: <>
Date: Wed, 18 Jul 90 22:46:55 GMT

In article <> "EATON, ROBERT" <> writes:
> I have been running shy on code space for a z80-based embedded system.
>This has forced me to begin converting some of the 'C' code, compiled with
>the Intermetrics z80 compiler, to assembly code to save space.

Have you looked at a different compiler?

Last summer, I asked about Z80 cross compilers for a Sun 3 on
comp.lang.c. One person was "VERY! unhappy" with an older version of
Intermetrics C for the z80 because:
1) Limited implementation of C
2) High rate of compiler errors
3) Relatively poor ROM support
4) Relatively high price
Another claimed that support from Intermetrics was poor.

Others suggested Microtec, SDSI, and possibly trying to port gcc.

We purchased a source license to HI-TECH Z80 C and ported it to the Sun
3/60. We haven't tested the HI-TECH package extensively, but we're
quite pleased so far.

Following are the results after coverting some of our Z80 C code from
Eco-Soft C (CP/M based) to HI-TECH (Sun based).

HI-TECH Eco-Soft
ROM space 36718 44831
RAM space 8272 8428

Note that ROM space includes about 8000 lines of assembly files.

Here is the assembler output for a test program similar to your example.

global _func
global _ptr
global _noptr
psect text
;test.c: 1: struct { char a[25]; char friend; } noptr, *ptr;
;test.c: 2: void func(void)
;test.c: 3: {
push iy
;test.c: 4: if (ptr->friend == 1) ;
ld iy,(_ptr)
ld a,(iy+25)
cp 1
jp nz,l3
;test.c: 5: if (noptr.friend == 1) ;
ld a,(_noptr+25)
cp 1
jp nz,l2
;test.c: 6: }
pop iy
psect bss
defs 26
defs 2
psect text

HI-TECH's address is:
HI-TECH Software
P.O. Box 103, Alderley, QLD, 4051,

Tel: +61 7 300 5011
Fax: +61 7 300 5246

David WB9VGB quintro!bpdsun1!

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