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mike@tuvie (Inst.f.Techn.Informatik)
Sat, 14 Jul 90 23:09:54 GMT

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From: mike@tuvie (Inst.f.Techn.Informatik)
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Date: Sat, 14 Jul 90 23:09:54 GMT

In article <1016@soleil.UUCP> gendel@soleil.UUCP (Gary Gendel) writes:
>SUN (cc -O2)
>GCC 1.37.1 (gcc -O) 12% slower, same size executable
>GCC 1.37.1 (gcc -O -fstrength-reduce -finline-functions -fforce-mem)
> 6% slower, 50% larger executable.

If you look at gcc and compare it with the Dragon book's description of a
code generator generator, you will find aut that gcc has just about
everything a code geneator generator needs to have. Specification of
code to be matched, semantic attributes, constraints for operands, the
ability to simply emit a constant pattern or to use a piece of code to
find the exact instruction...

Note that if you look at gcc as a code generator generator, it is doing very
well indeed. Most generators cannot boast getting roughly equivalent
(or in some cases even better) performance than an equivalent hand-coded

Michael K. Gschwind
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