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Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Summary: Book by McGraw-Hill
Keywords: lex, yacc, parse, question, books
Organization: Bath University Computing Services, UK
References: <265861D7.3293@tct.uucp> <1913@cod.NOSC.MIL> <54866@microsoft.UUCP>
Date: Thu, 05 Jul 90 15:48:09 GMT

One of my colleagues, Dr Jeremy Bennett has written a book entitled
Introduction to Compiling Techniques, A First course using ANSI C, LEX and
YACC published by McGraw-Hill, ISBN 0 07 7072154, 242 pages, 12.95 pounds
sterling, which may be of interest. The chapter headings are

1 What is a compiler
2 Target languages
3 Formal Grammers
4 Intermediate representations
5 Lexical analysis
6 Syntax analysis methods
7 Error handling
8 Parser generators
9 Semantic checking
10 Code generation
11 Code optimization
12 A complete compiler for VSL

The compiler in chapter 12 is available from a mail server. Send a message
with body 'help' to '' or
'' for instructions.

It is designed as an introduction to the subject.

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