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18 APR 90 20:45:34

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Ratfor compiler tsemm@acad3.fai.alaska.edu (1990-00-18)
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Newsgroups: comp.compilers
From: tsemm@acad3.fai.alaska.edu
Organization: University of Alaska Fairbanks
Date: 18 APR 90 20:45:34

Hello, everyone. This is my 1st posting. My node needs to find a ratfor
compiler, preferbly PD. WE have a vax/vms system. Is it too much to ask to
have the people send to my bitnet box if they can, since I'm not sure if I
will get it otherwise. If anyone has one, PD or commercial, get in contact.

Thank you, hope to hear from you soon!
[It is my recollection that Kerhighan and Plaugher's Software Tools gives a
source for a free or cheap Ratfor. -John]

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