A tool to aid pipelined programming of Intel i860

trinker@elmo.cs.unc.edu (Arie Trinker)
18 Apr 90 20:03:33 GMT

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A tool to aid pipelined programming of Intel i860 trinker@elmo.cs.unc.edu (1990-04-18)
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From: trinker@elmo.cs.unc.edu (Arie Trinker)
Newsgroups: comp.sys.intel,comp.compilers,comp.arch
Keywords: pipeline, parallel, i860
Date: 18 Apr 90 20:03:33 GMT

We are developing a tool to aid the development of i860 assembly parallel
pipelined programs.

The tool is a preprocessor for assembly source, it analyses the parallel
pipeline behavior, and gives information about actual outputs of the pipelines
for each instruction. It allows the use of symbolic (integer/floating point)
register names and will allocate registers for the symbolic names.

We are looking for programs written in i860 assembly to test our tool.

If you have a program that is using the pipeline or parallel instructions
of asm i860, we will appreciate very much if you mail it to us and in return
we'll send you the output of our tool. The output includes a listing file
of errors, and a source assembly file that includes actual pipeline
information, mainly what is the expression result that is poped out from the
pipes to each register destination.

Any program short or long will be fine.

If you wish to use the register allocation facility please contact us via
email, for a brief explanation about the symbolic names extension.

        Arie Trinker
        University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

        Send mail to trinker@cs.unc.edu

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