YACC grammar for PASCAL?

Wed, 18 Apr 90 02:45 EST

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YACC grammar for PASCAL? V053MF43@ubvmsc.cc.buffalo.edu (1990-04-15)
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Date: Wed, 18 Apr 90 02:45 EST
From: V053MF43@ubvmsc.cc.buffalo.edu
X-Organization: University at Buffalo
Keywords: yacc, Pascal

        Maybe I'm a little confused here, but aren't LL(1) grammars a subset of
LR(1) grammars? Couldn't one just adapt the description of Pascal from the
ISO Standard Report to YACC notation, add semantic evaluations, and generate
the compiler? Or will the lookahead interfere with the error processing?
It's been a while, but I thought Aho, Sethe, and Ullman did just that during
their (brief) treatment of LL(1) grammars.
        I think maybe the compiler writers are getting a little lazy here,
  One of the key points of generating an LL(1) grammar language is to make it
easy to hand code in a programming language (and also considerably more
efficient compilers get produced by that hand coding).
        Someone clarify me on paragraph one, at least.


        Mike Ayers

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