Bison for Think C 4? (Charles Lakos)
11 Apr 90 06:39:43 GMT

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Bison for Think C 4? (1990-04-11)
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From: (Charles Lakos)
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 11 Apr 90 06:39:43 GMT
Keywords: question, yacc

Could someone tell me the availability of Bison for Think C version 4.
Who is the appropriate contact person?

Charles Lakos.

UUCP: {enea,hplabs,mcvax,uunet,ukc}!munnari!tasis.utas.oz!charles
Snail: Computer Science Dept., University of Tasmania,
GPO Box 252C, Hobart, TAS, 7001, Australia.
[Bison is pretty portable. Unless Think is an unusually bad version of C,
little should be needed beyond getting the sources copied over and compiling
them. -John]

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