No compilers for a while (John R. Levine)
Sun, 1 Apr 90 12:56:42 EDT

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Date: Sun, 1 Apr 90 12:56:42 EDT
From: (John R. Levine)
Keywords: Administrivia

>From April 9 until April 26 I will be on vacation in Sunny Florida. During
that time esegue, the machine where I moderate comp.compilers, will be
running unattended and will collect submissions awaiting my return. It is
usually pretty reliable, but hold on to copies of stuff that you send until
you see it in print.

I considered switching it to be unmoderated during that time, but my
impression is that since I get a lot of requests for back issues, people
would rather wait and keep things tidy. I expect that before I leave the
long promised mail server to retrieve back messages should be working.
People with FTP access can also FTP all back issues and the index from

John Levine, comp.compilers moderator

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