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baum@Apple.COM (Allen J. Baum)
30 Mar 90 20:29:19 GMT

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ASPLOS 4 call for papers baum@Apple.COM (1990-03-30)
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From: baum@Apple.COM (Allen J. Baum)
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 30 Mar 90 20:29:19 GMT
Keywords: CFP
Organization: Apple Computer, Inc.

                                                      Call for Papers:
                                    Fourth International Conference on
                                            Architectural Support for
                          Programming Languages and Operating Systems

                                                      April 8-11, 1991
                                                Palo Alto, California
                                                  Sponsored by the ACM
                      (cooperation with IEEE Computer Society pending)

Rapid advances in hardware technology, compilers, operating systems,
and computer architecture provide a rich environment in design
alternatives. The fourth ASPLOS conference focuses on the interaction
of these technologies.

Full papers (approximately 5000 words) are solicited for, but not
limited to, these topics:

- Interaction of compilers/language features with architectures
                (e.g., compiling for multiprocessors or multicomputers)

- Interaction of operating systems with architectures (e.g.,
                file systems for high performance I/O)

- Comparative and quantitative analysis of architectural
                design decisions (e.g., superscalar vs. vector, centralized vs.
                distributed memory in multiprocessors)

- Support for I/O and studies of I/O subsystems (e.g., hardware
                to reduce overhead for FDDI networks)

- Quantitative analysis of novel commercial and experimental
                systems (e.g., floating point performance of the Intel i860)

- Impact of hardware technologies of the future (e.g., using 10M
                transistors in 1995)

We also solicit proposals for presentations of innovative machines
that will be announced before the conference but not by the deadline
for the call for papers. Contact the program chairman for details.

Because the identity of the authors will not be revealed to the
referees, authors names and affiliations should appear only on a
cover sheet together with the papers title. Authors should also
avoid citations that make their identities obvious, or remove their
names from revealing citations. Do not submit a paper that is also
submitted to (or has appeared in) other conferences or journals.

Seven copies of submitted papers should be sent to the program chair
at the address below by August 1, 1990. Authors will be notified by
November 6, 1990. Accepted papers must be printed on special forms and
received by the program chairman by December 7, 1990.

Submissions will be read by members and designated reviewers of the
program committee which includes:

Dave Patterson, U.C. Berkeley (chairman)
Bill Dally, MIT
Dave Ditzel, Sun Microsystems
Joel Emer, DEC VAX Engineering
Mark Hill, University of Wisconsin
Marty Hopkins, IBM
Douglas Johnson, Texas Instruments
Norm Jouppi, DEC Western Research Lab
Monica Lam, Stanford University
Hank Levy, University of Washington
Mahadev (Satya) Satyanarayan, CMU
Jim Smith, Cray Research
Guy Steele, Thinking Machines Corporation
George Taylor, MIPS Computer Systems

Tutorials will be held as part of the conference. If you are
interested in teaching a tutorial or feel the need for one in a
particular field, please submit a proposal with a brief syllabus.

General Chairman Program Chairman
Bob Rau Dave Patterson
Hewlett-Packard Laboratories Computer Science Division
1501 Page Mill Road, Building 3U 571 Evans Hall
Palo Alto, CA 94304 University of California
                                                                                Berkeley, CA 94720
( (
FAX phone: 1-415-857-8558 FAX phone: 1-415-642-5775

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