Looking for parallelizing references

"Andrej Brodnik (Andy)" <abrodnik@watdragon.uwaterloo.ca>
Mon, 26 Mar 90 18:42:58 EST

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Looking for parallelizing references abrodnik@watdragon.uwaterloo.ca (Andrej Brodnik (Andy)) (1990-03-26)
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Date: Mon, 26 Mar 90 18:42:58 EST
From: "Andrej Brodnik (Andy)" <abrodnik@watdragon.uwaterloo.ca>
Keywords: parallel,question


I am a student at University of Waterloo, Canada. I have a certain problem
with references. I know that there exist a lot of knowledge on parallelization
of functional and procedural languages. I'd like to employ all levels of
parallelism in my compiler (from fine to coarse), but I do not know where
should I start. Can somebody help me, please?


[In subsequent correspondence, he explained that he's trying to build up a
parallel compilation bibliography, and expects to post the summary. -John]

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