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27 Mar 90 17:31:38 GMT

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Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Keywords: YACC, LEX, Pascal, grammar
Date: 27 Mar 90 17:31:38 GMT
References: <>
From: (Tony Catone)
Organization: University of Pennsylvania

In article <> (James V. Tedeschi) writes:
> I am trying to help out a friend who has no net access... Has there
>been any information on YACCable grammars for Pascal, or even a LEX grammar?
>Any code of information on textbooks, ftp sites, etc would be greatly
>[This question has come up from time to time but I've never seen an answer.

This is not correct. Rich Salz pointed out on Wed, May 20, 1987 that:

    There is one available in Volume4 of the comp.sources.unix (nee'
    mod.sources) archives. It is by Arnold Robbins, and includes Yacc and Lex
    sources for ISO standard Pascal.

I have the sources if anyone can't reach one of the archive sites (these are
listed in the comp.sources.unix intro messages). The sources are not perfect,
but do give you a starting place.

- Tony
[By golly, you're right. Thanks. -John]

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