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Mon, 26 Mar 90 14:23:42 EST

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Compiler testing summary (1990-03-26)
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Date: Mon, 26 Mar 90 14:23:42 EST
From: (Spencer Rugaber)
Bogus: Keywords; parse,testing

I recently posted a request for references on compiler testing. This message
summarizes the responses that I received. Thanks to the following for their
 (Art Duncan)
        schooler@BBN.COM -- Richard Schooler
        Nick North <>
        Franck van Breugel <> (Matthys Kuiper) (James S. Marr)

and to John for digging through the comp.compilers archives. The annotations
are from the original posters. My apologies for any editorial goofs.



        F. Bazzichi and I. Spadafora
        An Automatic Generator for Compiler Testing
        IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering, FE-8 (4), 343-353, July 1982

        Paul T. Berning and others
        Automated Compiler Test Case Generation
        Naval Air Development Center, Griffis AFB, NY, RADC-TR-78-30, 1978

        C. J. Burgess
        Towards the Automatic Generation of Executable Programs to Test a Pascal
        Software Engineering 1986, D. Barnes and P. Brown, editors,
Peter Perigrinus Ltd., London, 1986, pp. 304-316

        A. Celentano, S. Crespi Reghizzi, P. Della Vigna, C. Ghezzi, G. Granata
and F. Savoretti
        Compiler Testing using a Sentence Generator
        Software -- Practice and Experience, 10, 897-918, 1980

        A.G. Duncan and J.S. Hutchison
        Using Attributed Grammars to Test Designs and Implementations
        5th International Conference on Software Engineering, San Diego,
170-178, 1981
        {Using attributed grammars to test programs. This technique would be
        particularly suited to testing compilers.}

        J.B. Goodenough
        The Ada Compiler Validation Capability
        Computer, 14 (6), 57-64, 1981

        J.B. Goodenough
        Ada Compiler Validation: An Example of Software Testing Theory and Practice
        System Developement and Ada, CRAI Workshop on Software Factories and
                Ada, Proceedings, Capri, Italy, 195-232, 1987

        K.V. Hanford
        Automatic generation of test cases
        IBM Systems Journal, 9 (4), 242-257, 1970
        {Hanford at IBM used a grammar to generate test cases for a PL/1
        compiler. Hanford's testing grammar is actually extensible and is
        augmented at run time by means of his "syntax generators." These
        syntax generators assure that any names used have first been defined.}

        William Homer and Richard Schooler
        Independent Testing of Compiler Phases Using a Test Case Generator
        Software -- Practice and Experience, 19 (1), 53-62, January 1989
        {Homer and Schooler annotate the grammar of a language
        with commands that steer the generation of test programs.}

        B. Houssais
        Production systematique de tests commandee par une grammaire: Applicastion
a la validation d'un compilateur Algol 68
        Thesis, IRISA, Universite de Rennes, 1976

        B. Houssais
        Verification of an Algol 68 Implementation
        Proc. of the Strathclyde Algol 68 Conference, Glasgow, Scotland,
SIGPLAN Notices 12(6), June 1977
        {Houssais used affix grammars to generate test cases for Algol-68}

        G. Kasten
        A Test Case Generation Program
        June 18, 1986

        P. Oliver
        Experiences in Building and Using Compiler Validation Systems
        AFIPS Conference Proceedings, R. Merwin and J. Zanca, editors, June, 1979,
                AFIPS Press, New Jersey, pp. 1051-1057

        P. Purdom
        A sentences generator for testing parsers
        BIT, 12, 366-375, 1972
        {A fast algorithm is given to produce a small set of short
        sentences from a context free grammar such that each
        production of the grammar is used at least once.}

        R. L. Sauder
        A General Test Data Generator for COBOL
        Proceedings of 1962 SJCC, San Francisco, May 1962, pp. 317-323
        {Sauder parses the COBOL data declarations and uses them to generate
        test data satisfying those declarations.}

        F. C. van Breugel
        Testing Compilers Using Grammars
        POOMA project, document 0055, Philips Research Laboratories, Eindhoven,
The Netherlands, 1989

        B. A. Wichmann and Z. J. Ciechanowicz (ed)
        Pascal Compiler Validation
        John Wiley & Sons, 1983

        B. A. Wichmann and M. Davies
        Experience with a Compiler Testing Tool
        National Physical Laboratory (United Kingdom) DITC 138/89, 1989

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