Modula-2 for Sequent Symmetry boxes (Paul E. Robichaux)
21 Mar 90 15:29:55 GMT

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Modula-2 for Sequent Symmetry boxes (1990-03-21)
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From: (Paul E. Robichaux)
Newsgroups: comp.compilers,comp.sys.sequent
Summary: request for info
Date: 21 Mar 90 15:29:55 GMT
From: (Paul E. Robichaux)
Organization: Undergraduate Compiler Fiends, Inc.
Keywords: modula,question

A team of undergrads here is gearing up to produce a Modula-2 compiler for
the Sequent Symmetry system. Nifty features planned for eventual implementation
* Full Modula-2 implementation
* Tools and language constructs for highly parallel programs
* Retargetable (might be a while) backend
* Interface with other DYNIX language systems/tools

Before we get too much deeper into this project, we're actively soliciting
information on existing or planned Modula-2 implementations for this machine.
(The goal is to build a small subset of Modula-2 and use it to bootstrap
the entire compiler.) If some compilers already exist, then we'll find
another target machine.

If there's sufficient interest, I will post a summary of replies.


Paul E. Robichaux *or* !{allegra,amd,hplabs,ut-ngp}!gatech!prism!gt0818a

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