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From: charlie@genrad.genrad.COM (Charlie D. Havener)
Organization: GenRad, Inc., Concord, Mass.
Keywords: C,yacc,interpreter

See Austin Code Works ad in many magazines such as the C User's Journal.
Buy 'Quincy' for $60. A C interpreter with source code. It uses
recursive descent parsing. Has a user interface/debugger for
PC Clones.

A C grammar has been posted to the Usenet many times. I wrote
an article for the C User's Journal, Oct '89 (I think) called
a C to C++ Migrator tool. It has the C grammer and lexer as part of
it ( also shows how to handle typedefs more or less ). Source floppy
available from the Journal for $8. Floppy #296, call 913-841-1631

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