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palmerc@ingr.com (Chris Palmer)
21 Mar 90 04:10:16 GMT

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6502 Code Generating Compiler palmerc@ingr.com (1990-03-21)
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From: palmerc@ingr.com (Chris Palmer)
Newsgroups: misc.wanted,comp.sys.cbm,comp.lang.c,comp.compilers
Keywords: question, C
Date: 21 Mar 90 04:10:16 GMT
Organization: Intergraph Corp. Huntsville, Al

Hi, I'm looking for a compiler (preferably 'c') that generateds 6502/6510
assembly language. I really don't care what language it is. I am working
on a Commodore 64 programming project for my wife, and I don't want to spend
big bucks buying a compiler. I writing right now in assembly language using
a public domain 6502 assembler, which works great, but I would rather have
a higher level language to work with.

In conclusion,
WANTED: A compiler that generates 6502/6510 assembly language.

Should be written in "c" (or pascal).

If lex or yacc was used, I would like the grammer files
so that I can add commands for graphics and sound.

| Christopher M. Palmer
/ Intergraph Corporation
\ Internet: b14!abulafia!palmerc@ingr.com
| UUCP : ...uunet!ingr!b14!abulafia!palmerc

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