flex 2.2 alpha release available

vern@cs.cornell.edu (Vern Paxson)
Tue, 20 Mar 90 16:46:17 EST

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flex 2.2 alpha release available vern@cs.cornell.edu (1990-03-20)
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Date: Tue, 20 Mar 90 16:46:17 EST
From: vern@cs.cornell.edu (Vern Paxson)
Newsgroups: comp.sources.d,comp.compilers
Summary: anonymous ftp to svax.cs.cornell.edu or ftp.ee.lbl.gov
From: vern@cs.cornell.edu (Vern Paxson)
Followup-To: comp.sources.d
Organization: Cornell Univ. CS Dept, Ithaca NY
Keywords: flex, lex, scanner

Release 2.2 of flex, a lex replacement, is now available. You can
get it via anonymous ftp to svax.cs.cornell.edu (, East
coast) or ftp.ee.lbl.gov (, West coast). Retrieve
flex-2.2.alpha.tar.Z, using binary mode.

The more interesting changes between 2.2 and the previous 2.1 release are:

        - Full user documentation.

        - Support for 8-bit scanners.

        - Scanners now accept NUL's.

        - A facility has been added for dealing with multiple input buffers.

        - A number of changes to bring flex closer into compliance
            with the latest POSIX lex draft.

        - C++ support; generated scanners can be compiled with C++ compiler.

        - Support for MS-DOS, VMS, and Turbo-C integrated.

This is an alpha release. There are a number of new features which may
not work quite right and which may have broken previous functionality.
Because of this, I'd like to keep the distribution of this release limited
to folks who don't mind that the software may be buggy and who are
willing to report bugs back to me so I can fix them.

Once the number of new bugs being found drops off sufficiently, a beta
release will be made and posted to the Usenet, probably to
comp.sources.unix. If the alpha release proves particularly stable, the
beta will be skipped and 2.3 will instead be a full release. The intent is
that in either case, 2.3 will come out by the end of May.

If you don't have anonymous ftp access, let me know and I'll mail
you the uuencoded tar file.


Vern Paxson vern@cs.cornell.edu
Computer Science Dept. decvax!cornell!vern
Cornell University vern@LBL (bitnet)

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