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20 Mar 90 07:31:30 GMT

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From: (Matthys Kuiper)
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Keywords: parse,testing
Date: 20 Mar 90 07:31:30 GMT
References: <>

In article <> (Spencer Rugaber) writes:

>I am interested in experiences people have had testing parsers. Specifically,
>I am interested in the use a language's grammar as a basis for generating
>tests. Any experience or pointers to papers would be appreciated. Thanks.

Here are two references on (semi-) automatic testing of compilers.
Homer and Schooler annotate the grammar of a language
with commands that steer the generation of test programs.
I have successfully used their method in testing a system
for parallel attribute evaluation.

author = {Franco Bazzichi and Ippolito Sapdafora},
title = {An Automatic Generator for Compiler Testing},
journal = {IEEE TSE},
year = {1982},
volume = {8},
number = {4},
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month = {July}}

author = {William Homer and Richard Schooler},
title = {Independent Testing of Compiler Phases Using a Test Case Generator},
journal = {Software--Practice and Experience},
year = {1989},
volume = {19},
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