Re: compiler tools in ML

Nick Rothwell <>
14 Mar 90 10:30:32 GMT

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From: Nick Rothwell <>
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Keywords: yacc,lex,ML
Date: 14 Mar 90 10:30:32 GMT
References: <>
Organization: Jenny Agutter Appreciation Society of Edinburgh

In article <>, lhh@unhd (Lutz H Hamel) writes:
>We are thinking of implementing a compiler in ML and were wondering if
>anybody ever attempted to write something similar to YACC and LEX
>in ML.

Yes. I had a prototype Yacc/Lex type package in ML, written in a
modular style (the parser generator was a parameterised module
which took a grammar as argument and returned a parser as result),
rather than this reading/writing source files nonsense...

There's a more uptodate version of this in the (free) New Jersey ML
distribution, though it may well be file based. New Jersey ML is
available via FTP from a number of US sites, I believe (I don't know
the magic numbers since I'm in Europe). [see subsequent message -John]

[From Nick Rothwell <>]

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