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Stephen Adams <>
Wed, 14 Mar 90 09:47:46 GMT

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From: Stephen Adams <>
Date: Wed, 14 Mar 90 09:47:46 GMT
Keywords: yacc,lex,ML

New Jersey ML (a Standard ML) comes with a version of yacc and a
version of lex. I have appended the first bit of the documentation

Stephen Adams (JANET)
Computer Science (Bitnet)
Southampton S09 5NH, UK S.Adams@sot-ecs.uucp (uucp)


                                                ML-YACC, version 1.0

                                                Preliminary Documentation
                                                for Preliminary Version

                                                David R. Tarditi
                                                Andrew W. Appel

                                                Department of Computer Science
                                                Princeton University
                                                Princeton, NJ 08544

                                                February 1, 1989

(c) 1989 Andrew W. Appel, David R. Tarditi
This software comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY.
This software is subject only to the GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE
(in the file "LICENSE", distributed with this software, and available
from the Free Software Foundation, 675 Mass Ave, Cambridge, MA 02139).
You may copy and distribute this software; see the LICENSE
for details and restrictions.


This is a preliminary guide to using ML-Yacc. It is not complete documentation.
It tells how to invoke ML-Yacc, and the syntax of an ML-Yacc specification.
The syntax description assumes the user knows how to use Yacc, and notes the
differences between ML-Yacc and Yacc.

ML-Yacc is Yacc-like parser generator for Standard ML. It generates
parsers for LALR languages, like Yacc, and its syntax is very similar to
that of Yacc.

It handles syntax errors differently from Yacc. The parser
generated by ML-Yacc will attempt to automatically recover from a
syntax error by making a single token insertion, deletion, or substitution.

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